04 Sep 2017



IFTTT is the simplest platform to automate your social activity. In other words, IFTTT empowers you to create special apps to manage and automate your social shares. IFTTT has the collection of more than 1,000,000,000 Applets running every month on 25+ platforms. While you can find platforms like Google, iOS, Android, and Microsoft, IFTTT caught our attention for its extensive collection of applets for WordPress.


What is IFTTT

The acronym IFTTT stands for “if this then that.” This platform empowers the users to create actions (rather apps!) based on trigger and actions method. The use of IFTTT is versatile. Apart from WordPress, you can also use IFTTT for Android, iOS, photography, weather, marketers and much more.

If you have published a new blog, your first thought should be sharing the same on various social platforms. Now repeating copy pasting is a boring task while you can have fun with automation. If you are unable to find the “ideal plugin” for this job, then IFTTT is there for you.

You may want to share your posts on Facebook and Tumblr at the same time or may save the Instagram posts in Dropbox. Management of social posts for your WordPress site is a tough job and you may need to hire an expert to get a better WP site care plan for this task. But, when you have IFTTT, you don’t have to spend extra bucks and become the expert of your own.

Key Features:

  • The IFTTT helps to connect different social platforms as well as other online tools with WordPress.
  • You can create simple apps that do tasks automatically for you.
  • Change the apps’ setting and make it more interesting.
  • You can create a unique app and share it with the IFTTT community.

It comes as Freemium with three different packages, namely Free (limited features), Partner ($199) and Partner Plus (499+).

Set Up IFTTT for WordPress


The use of IFTTT is an easy job. The first step will be signing up for your account. You can create the account with email and password or through Facebook/Google. After creating the account click on search or discover option and start exploring the applets. When you find the appropriate applet, select it and click on the Turn On option. Then you will be directed to a simple wizard. With this wizard, you will be able to create a new app.


For each applet there is a new set up process; however, in general, you have to link your LinkedIn Account information. Then you may be asked to change few settings, which also varies depending on an applet’s action/purpose. After that, you can publish the applet. You can select your active applets from the My Applet and edit anytime.

12 Useful WordPress Integrations Using IFTTT

There are 20+ WordPress related tasks that can be done with IFTTT. But, in this blog, we will introduce hand-picked 12 integrations of them. All of these integrations are important and as you will explore them, you will realize what spices you are missing until now…

WordPress Integrations Using IFTTT

  1. Share Current Posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

Integrating WordPress site with the most popular social media platform is now in trend. You have to take advantage of all of the social media platforms and reach the maximum of the target audiences. Now, you can copy paste the post URL to all of the sites or just use this applet to post your content on all three platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) at the same time.

  1. Pin Current Posts to the Pinterest Board

Pinterest is one of the ideal platforms if you are posting attractive pictures and infographics. This applet can make cross-posting and curation easier than ever. You just have to use specific tag or category. This applet will upload your post in the appropriate category with the title, image, and link. So, stop wasting your precious time and use this applet.

  1. Share Posts to LinkedIn with a specific tag

Well, you have to share your posts to different social platforms, but not all posts are equal and you just can’t post all of them on the same platform. This applet specifically helps you to share your posts selectively. Just specify a category or a tag and this applet will share your posts on LinkedIn in no time!

  1. Publish Instagram Photos on WordPress

This is another fancy applet but certainly an amazing one! Why? Because, while using this applet, your Instagram posts (with specific hashtag) will be automatically published on the WordPress site. This is an awesome applet if you are intended to share social event news or travel news.

  1. Tweet your New Posts automatically

Like Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter is another important platform to share posts and reach target audiences. If you have the interest to share your posts only on Twitter, then this special integration can ease the process. More than 27k WordPress users are using this applet and enjoying the benefit.

  1. Share WordPress blogs on Tumblr

Copy pasting links again and again in different platforms is a really boring task. Give rest to your hands and mind. Chose this applet, skip the hustle of reposting your blogs or new posts in Tumblr and enjoy the audiences’ love. You will find another applet that does the reverse!

  1. Share Posts to a Facebook page automatically

Keep your community and friends updated with this applet. Facebook is the most popular social media platform and you could be the member of the different community of same interest. When this applet is running, your current posts will be directly posted on the Facebook wall. If you are using Facebook for marketing purpose, then you can easily create interests among the community members through this applet.

  1. Share Posts to a Facebook page automatically

Want to email specific customers as soon as your new post is updated on your website? This applet can send prompt emails to the “selective” people whenever you add fresh posts to the Page. You can enlist the secret emailer into the To Address field. On the other hand, if you intend to post to a specific circle, then change the option from “+Public” to “+Circle Name”.

  1. Share Posts in Telegram

Telegram is a popular messaging app. This app is widely used on different platforms. This amazing tool helps to maintain team coordination. If you want to share your post with you’re your group or team, use the Telegram applet. This applet posts your new WordPress posts to a specific chat channel.

  1. Create and publish quick notes from your phone

Running an active WordPress site is time-consuming. But, another world is out there behind the WordPress admin panel. What if you can write and post from anywhere using a mobile phone? Yes, this applet made this possible. It helps to create and widget that can be added to your smart phone. So, walk around and keep posting!

  1. Create a Trello card and generate a WordPress draft simultaneously

Trello is an effective platform to share tasks with the teammates and stay updated on a project. This creative platform of communication could be integrated with WordPress! As per this featured applet, when you create a Trello card explaining a blog idea, this app immediately creates a WordPress draft on the back end for the same. In simple words, when you put information in the Trello card, it is used by this app to create a blog draft automatically!

  1. Archive new posts to an Evernote notebook

So, where do you keep works sorted? It must be Evernote. Evernote helps you organize your work. How wonderful it would be, if you can merge this facility with WordPress. This opportunity is currently offered by this applet. Your current posts will be delivered to Evernote with the URL. So, everything will remain sorted in one place.

Wrap it up

Managing a WordPress site is almost equal to running a separate business. The fact is, most of the WordPress users rely on the reputed WordPress Support service providers to run it smoothly. At this point, IFTTT can help you to reduce your workload through some amazing staffs! Automating your tasks involves maintaining social media posts, creating post drafts and cross posting to other platforms. The 12 integrations discussed here are all effective to improve your WordPress experience and improve the WordPress working efficiency. So, which one you are going to choose?

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