04 Sep 2020

5 Easy Ways to Create WooComerce Popup to Increase ROI

5 Easy Ways to Create WooComerce Popup to Increase ROI

If you have a WooCommerce site and continuously trying to grab the customer’s attention, it is time to create some outstanding WooCommerce Popup. WooCommerce popups are widely used to allure customers with special sales, coupon codes, and special deals.

This article will show you 5 easy ways to create WooCommerce popups. Although these 5 easy tricks are considered as DIY methods, if you are not comfortable working on WooCommerce backends, it is recommended to take help from the WooCommerce experts.

Benefits of using WooCommerce Popups

Almost in all major eCommerce sites, you will confront popups. Its mainly because popups are greatly helpful in driving conversions. It helps to gain the attention of the customers quickly and encourage them to fill their shopping cart or simply accumulating emails from them and use the same for email marketing in the future!

Using a popup can help you in many ways, such as:

  1. Improve sales rate by delivering the right message to the customers at the right time. Such as customers confronting a popup offering an amazing deal just when they were leaving your online store. 
  2. Many customers save items in their cart but didn’t feel the drive to complete the check out process. The popup containing free shipping or special coupon codes can encourage here to complete the sales process.
  3. Popups could be used for cross-selling. You can always promote related products or better-featured products making the customers feel special and make easy conversions. 
  4. Popups are also used to collect emails from the customers, building an authentic email marketing list. You can always send a newsletter showcasing products and additional products and count on returning customers.

Well, WooCommerce is all about its amazing plugin supports. This article will show how OptinMonster could be used to create 5 amazing popups and keep the customers heading towards your store.

Sign up to OptinMonster

OptinMonster plugin is not a free plugin. OptinMonster comes in 4 different plans, such as Basic ($9/mo), Plus Plan ($19/mo), Pro plan ($29/mo), and Growth Plan ($49/mo). The pro plans will cover most of the features to create amazing popups, also you can go for a Growth plan.

First, you have to sign up for OptinMonster (pick any plan that suits your business). Once the signup process is done, install and active the OptinMonster plugin (download from the WordPress Plugin library) on your WooCommerce site.

It is recommended to create a staging site just to avoid hazards if you are not confident in installing plugins. You may also seek help from the WordPress maintenance service providers to set up OptinMonster on your WooCommerce site.

Once, OptinMonster is integrated into your WooCommerce site, you will find a “create new campaign” button. Click that button and start exploring easy popup creation with OptinMonster.

  1. Create a WooCommerce Coupon Popup

Coupon popups are great to encourage the customers to “use” them within a limited time, which means with interesting coupon codes you can get a tide of sales within “limited time”. Hurry up!

Go the “Create New Campaign” and select the “Popup” campaign type, then choose the “Coupon” template and use it.

As soon as you choose the Coupon campaign, OptinMonster will direct you to choose an ideal campaign name and the name of the website. Now hit the “Start Building” button.

Now you have a ready coupon template, choose an option whether it is text, font, or color to customize the coupon the way you want it. Here is a sample:

You can edit as well as delete any part you wish to make the outcome. When you are ready click the “Save” button. Now to set the coupon display rules, select the “Display Rules” from the menu. The default setting of the appearance of the coupon code is after 5 seconds, you can change the timer as required.

As the final step, publish your coupon code and live it on your WooCommerce site!

  • Create WooCommerce “Spin to Win” Popup

“Spin to Win” is a gamified popup, where customers can spin a wheel and try their luck to win a special prize among all the enlisted coupons/offers. It’s a fun alternative to simple popups that increase engagement!

Creating a spin to win campaign is easy with OptinMonster. Go to the select campaign type and choose a gamified campaign type. There are three templates – Blue, Green, and Red, choose the one that fits right with your website theme.

OptinMonster will direct you to choose the campaign name and the website to load it. When you are done with the required fields, click the “start building” button. 

After selecting the template and campaign name, now you can customize the spinning wheel on the editor. Simply click different parts of the wheel to edit it. Click “Edit Wheel Selection” to edit the options you want to offer.

Once done with the customization, click the “Save” option on the menu bar. If you wish to integrate the email system, click on the “Integration” tab followed by the “Add New Integration” button.

Next, choose the email provider from the drop-down list to connect with your email provider. Once done, click on the Save button. Now live the “spin to win” popup on your website and enjoy more customer attention.

  • Create WooCommerce Cart Abandon Popup

Losing money in cart abandonment is nothing new. However, a popup is an amazing way to give customers a gentle reminder and prompt them to complete the purchase. With OptinMonster you can craft outstanding cart abandon popups and save most of the money!

First, go to the campaign selection page and choose the “Popup” option. Second, chose an abandoning checkout template from the campaign templates.

As earlier, choose an appropriate name for your campaign and hit the “Start Building” button. Now that your selected template is open on the campaign builder – start editing. Customize the template like anything from texts, fonts to colors. When you are satisfied with the changes, click the “save” button on the Menu bar.

Now its time to set the display rules. Click “time on page” dropdown and select “Exit Intent”. Choosing this option will show your message to the customers just when they are intended to leave your website leaving selected items in cart.

Then scroll down the page and you will find another condition. Here, in the first dropdown choose “current URL path” and the second dropdown “exactly matches”. In the next box place the URL of your shopping cart page. Save all the changes.

Now go to your website and publish the coupon and ensure not losing money for cart abandonment.

  • Create WooCommerce Cross-sell Popup

Cross-sell is one of the best ways to increase the sales rate. If you are not familiar with cross-selling, it is a process where customers are introduced to related products that are often bought with the product they have in the cart and processing to check out.

For instance, if your customer bought a pair of trousers, then they might be interested in matching belts or shirts. Similarly, if they are buying baby shampoo, they might have an interest in baby oil or bathing bar! You just need to remind them with a popup before check out.

With OptinMonster you can create a cross-sell popup easily. First, go to the campaign. Choose “Popup” as the campaign type they choose “shopping” template from the dropdown.

Next, OptinMonster will direct you to choose the campaign name and as well as a website where you want to load it. When you are done with the setting, click the “Start Building” button. 

Now you will be prompted to the campaign editor. Like previous, here you can customize your popup by changing any aspects.

Also, if you want to keep the email sign up option, make sure that you have edited the “Success” view option to display the coupon code. 

When you are done with all editing make sure you have clicked the “Save” button on the menu.

If you are making this campaign product-specific that are placed in the cart, it is required to connect WooCommerce with OptinMonster. For this, go to your WooCommerce dashboard and click the OptinMonster tab and then select the “WooCommerce” tab. 

When it is connected you will see the message letting you know that the connection is confirmed. You can also “Disconnect” anytime if required.

Now, return to the OptinMonster app and edit the cross-sale popup. Select “Display rules” and then “the WooCommerce cart contains” and the particular product for this rule.

To make it relevant, for each product you need to create a new rule. Click “OR” and keep adding new rules.

Don’t forget to click the “save” button after each time you make the edit.

  • Create WooCommerce Fullscreen Popup

The full-screen pop-up is another effective popup you can design for your online store and engage more customers. This is a fullscreen WooCommerce popup usually put up to welcome the new customers or visitors and prompt them to subscribe with email.

To create this effective template, go to OptinMonster and create a new campaign. Here, you can choose the “Fullscreen” popup option.

Like the previous campaign, here you have to choose the campaign name and the website it will be displayed on.

After that, you will be led to the campaign editor where you will find a fullscreen welcome mat. Click any part of the popup and start customizing.

Go ahead, and make changes to impress your new visitors!

Next, click the “Integration” tab and integrate OptinMonster with your email list. Once you are done with the editing and email list integration, click the “Save” button.

After that move to the “Display Rules” tab on the menu bar.

Here, set the display rules wisely so that the popup campaign will be displayed to the “new” visitors only! For this, click “time on page” dropdown and chose the “New Visitor” option.

If you want to display the welcome popup on every page, then select “current URL path” to “is any page”. Click “Save” button after editing the display rules.

Now go to your WooCommerce site and live the popup and enjoy your growing email subscription list!

Hope this article will help you to create amazing WooCommerce popups that will have a positive impact on your sales rate. Try OptinMonster, and comment below if this amazing WooCommerce plugin worked for you.

Being a WordPress and WooCommerce specialist, we would also like to suggest you Boost sales by Beeketing and List Builder by Sumome. Comment below for more details!

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