21 Jan 2018

7 Ways to Improve your Email Marketing Campaign

7 Ways to Improve your Email Marketing Campaign

Mailboxes flooded with stamped mails is now history. Today, whenever you open your mailbox, you will find a stack of fresh letters waiting for you. So, you can say that whether it comes to paper or virtual, the importance of emails is immense. Most of the email account holders don’t even open the mail if the subject title seems unattractive or less important. However, email marketing is crucial and for internet marketers using their online presence to connect with customers and establish their brand. So, how to improve your email marketing campaigns? Here are some tested hacks to improve your email marketing campaign, make it more attractive and generate genuine leads.

7 tips to improve your email marketing campaign

1. Learn more about the audiences

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When it comes to audience targeting, you should start with learning about your potential customers. Learning about your customers is helpful to divide them into different categories and send them relevant emails. Identify your buyer’s persona, their traits and preferences.

For example, if you are offering health care services, you can customize your mail according to the relevance of gender or age of the audiences. It motivates the mail receivers and makes them think that you actually care for them. When you start valuing the customers they will definitely return to you.

2. Be Precise

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Nobody likes to look at the long contents. We admit that scrolling the long newsletters is not only boring but also irritating. Most of the email marketers have stopped sending such long mails but not all of them. Hence, it’s a fair warning for the email marketers who want seek improvements – never send long mails but sum up your thought in a precise way and attach it with suitable images. You can also take help from the professional content writers.

3. Choose easy words

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Your words should be simple but attractive. Yes, your prospects won’t like to use a dictionary to read your message. Your message should be simple but catchy and the content should be written using common and easy words. It is even better when you are offering content enriched with trendy local words. It is more appealing and readable to all category people. This technique works best if your target customers or subscribers are aged people. Don’t feel hesitate to take help from the professional content writers.

4. Cut out the fluff

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Many of the mails you get that may start with “I’m sorry to be bothering you”, “Hello Sir, Good day to you?” or “I know you’re busy, but…”

Just cut the fuzz! These opening lines are not only awkward but are also a huge waste of time. So, just begin with what you want to tell your customers. Capture their attention with attractive offers or services. If you are introducing new products or promoting products/services just jump in with the tagline. Your prospects would like the pop up offers in the mail rather the formal conversation and greetings!

5. Customized with personal touch

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A little personal touch in mails can surely boost email campaign. But, making personal doesn’t mean you have to start with “Dear Customer”, “Dear Mrs.” Or “Dear Sir.” These are very generic greetings. If it is possible to add the customer’s name in the introduction. If you are sending emails with attractive images or infographic, then you may not have a chance to put an introduction. In that case, you can personalize the subject line and put individual customer name on it.

6. A Replenishment Campaign

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A replenishment campaign is way more attractive than you can think of. A replenishment campaign is nothing but following your customers’ buying behavior. When it is important to pick new customers, it is equally important to hold on to the existing customers.

For example, if any of your customers bought a shampoo or hand wash from you, send them a follow-up message after in next month reminding them that maybe they need a refill. It helps customers notice your effort for them and increase reliability.

7. Add a call to action link

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A call to action (CTA) link at the end of your short and attractive message can drive the customers to check the product or services and buy from you. A CTA button along with your message indulges the customers to make a prominent decision. However, do not add multiple CTA as it can confuse the customers. An interactive link or a shareable link along with the mail can also improve your marketing campaign.

Bottom Line 

A comprehensive marketing strategy should contain strategies like social media marketing, conventional media marketing, and email marketing. If you can master the email marketing strategy along with social media marketing – it can definitely help you to generate solid leads. It is a simple strategy with a straightforward approach that indulges the customers to move forward. Email marketing strategy is proven by almost all of the successful companies. So, if you want to showcase value for your customers and transform them into leads – usage of a credible email marketing software is the best choice for you. The best email marketing software has an inbuilt CRM to manage your leads, schedule your mass mail and reporting to automate your mail marketing campaign.

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