23 Feb 2019

How to Boost Your Company Website With Simple Tricks -2020

How to Boost Your Company Website With Simple Tricks -2020

How to Boost Your Company Website With Optimization Tricks in 2020

The business website is an important ingredient to escalate the business growth. A business website is probably the best way to reach maximum customers online. You can advertise and showcase your products and services through the website and promote your business like anything. In more professional words – the engagement rate of the customers with your website is directly proportional to your business growth. So, here are some simple tricks to bag success of your company website:

  1. Select Simple Website Design – Optimization tricks 2020

We are all guilty of asking developers to put anything and everything on the home page. When you are putting lots of things on a single page every element lost its attraction and fails to catch visitors eyes. Choose a simple design to put your thought. Create discrete pages for home, products and contact details. Simple designs increase UI. Design your website pages in such a way that guide your customers step by step from selecting the products to check out. There are some popular themes that can create amazing websites.

  1. Choose Domain Name Wisely -Optimization tricks 2020

While creating your company website you need to select a domain name. the selection domain name has a great impact on SEO and the customers. Choosing an ideal domain name for your website is a little bit tricky. You may never be able to get your company name as your domain name. There are hundreds of business owners and any of them may have already bought your company name. You don’t need to be hopeless. Shop around and you will surely find a domain name, which is almost similar to your company name. Buy the domain as soon as you hit a likable name or else you will lose it too.

  1. Create Effective SEO Strategy – Optimization tricks 2020

Right investment in SEO can uplift your website in Google SERP. Appropriate SEO experts and the right set of SEO tools can give your website a polished and professional look. Good SEO can bring customers to your website. SEO is a vast field and you may become puzzled. Take help from the professional SEO service providers to find out where to start. If you are unable to hire a professional SEO team – outsource the SEO service. Contact SEO services and experience dramatic changes in your website over time.

Use schema markup
You know that HTML tags help in formatting the contents of your webpage and since Google has announced that it no longer uses meta description for search results, there is another set of markup tool called schema markup which conveys to the crawlers about the type of content inside the HTML tags. There is data markup for every type of content and you can easily find your data type of your products using schema.org You do not need a developer to implement the markup, it is as easy as classifying your data for blog posting.

Here is a quick run-through on how to use schema markup of your site-
Go to Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper
Choose the type of content you need to mark
Paste the url of that page
The page will load in the markup tool
Your page will be on the left pane while the data item will be on the right
Tagging is simply done by highlighting the data and selecting the data item
Once you finish tagging the different data items, click the “Create HTML” button
You can download the HTML snippet and verify using Structured Data Testing Tool This will show how your content will look after implementing schema markup
Next is to copy/paste the HTML code into your CMS or source code.

Schema markup

Studies have shown that the more content you mark up, you help the search engine better as well as provide the reader with attractive snippets alluring them to click to your site.

  1. Create Attractive Blogs – Optimization tricks 2020

A blog is one of the key components to attract people and rank higher on Google SERP. It is wise to create a sperate ‘blog’ page in company website that offers value to the visitors. Yes, add value to your blogs – provide manuals and guidelines along with related information to the visitors and become as much help as possible. Along with trendy news, you can also post interviews of the influencers in related fields. You can also include case studies to help the visitors while choosing your services or products.

  1. Introduce Multimedia Content – Optimization tricks 2020

This is the era of multimedia. Publishing blogs are not enough to engage the visitors and influence them to buy from your company website. Then what? The solution is multimedia content. It is found that most of the people are just hopping in different sites, they have too little time to read your lengthy blogs. Try to insert short videos, bright images, infographics and podcasts on the blog. Contents containing video and podcasts get more CTR than ordinary blogs.

  1. Offer Something Valuable to The Visitors – Optimization tricks 2020

You can offer free resources in exchange for the email addresses of the visitors. Use simple pop-ups to grab customers attention and ask them to put their email address for a free subscription letter. It is proven that a subscription pops up can actually help you to get more customers’ email addresses. Apart from that, you can also put downloadable pdf in exchange for the email addresses. You can further use this email addresses for email marketing purpose.

  1. Connect Over Social Media – Optimization tricks 2020

What is business promotion without social media? The social media presence is as important as running the whole business. This is because – today a huge number of people are influenced by social media. Social media is probably the best stage to promote a brand. Besides, social media promotion will cost you less than the traditional media campaign. Consult a digital marketing expert and ask for help to promote your business through popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  1. Add Social Media Sharing Button – Optimization tricks 2020

When you are intending to spread your business and popularity, social media marketing is the best idea. But, what if people share your blogs or contents on the social platforms simultaneously? It is found that people are more influenced by other’s view of the product instead of the product promotional advertisements. In simple words, add social buttons to your blogs and products or services so that any visitor who likes that piece can share it on social media instant – and become ‘viral’.

  1. Post Ads on Classified Sites and Business-Listing Sites – Optimization tricks 2020

Classified ads and business listings are the two popular strategies to attract visitors. Search for classified sites and business listing sites with high DA and post the advertisement or enlist your business. Running ads on classified is an old school trick, which is still effective. Running ads on classified sites and business listing sites along with social media promotions can bump your visitor’s lists in short time.

  1. Keep an Eye on Analytics – Optimization tricks 2020

Backend working is as important as running social media promotions to boost company website. Create an account in Google Analytics, which is free, and you may be surprised by what is waiting for you. With Google Analytics you will learn which post on the site is attracting more people, which keywords are helpful to rank higher and which pages are getting clicks. All these parameters will help you to improve your website efficiency.

These were the easiest hacks to boost a company website ranking. Well, all these tricks are proven but not magic. It takes time to reach the right amount of target customers and transform them into buyers. There are also some marketing factors like competitors, product/service quality or market demand that can have an impact on your business. So, cheer up and give time to your website to become the best.

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