Database Maintenance and Optimization

Database maintenance and optimization are crucial when your priority is website performance. The larger your database is, the often you need to maintain it. You can rely on our expert hands to take care of database maintenance and optimization. We clear your trash box and revise history that resulted in making your website faster and smoother.

Comment Spam

Spam comments are now everywhere. It may help in short-term SEO boost and generate a sales lead, but is not good or the website itself. So, it is better to have precautions. In WP Web Help, we use different spam control techniques that stop WordPress websites from racking up a huge amount of spam comments. Our experts even remove spam comments manually if required.

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress updates are released minimum twice in a year. Our experts keep regular tracking of WordPress updates, which is followed by updating WordPress websites as soon as new updates are launched. Updating the WordPress website in a regular manner is necessary to reduce page loading time and increase webpage efficacy.


Keeping backups is a very common step, but only few service providers offer WordPress backup security. In WP Web Help, we offer manual backups and update it on a regular basis. We have a large cloud to secure every single bite of website data. Your data is secured in our cloud system in encrypted form.



Troubleshooting is a threatening word for the WordPress website owners. Whenever a website is using many plugins, a threat of troubleshooting is always hanging on the head. Our experts are here to take care whenever the site runs into problems. The more complex website is, the more troubleshooting incidents can turn up. We cover all of the moving parts to run the website smoothly.

Health and Security Monitoring

Health and security monitoring are important for website maintenance. Our experts take care of website health and ensure high performance of the WordPress website. Regular website monitoring helps to identify the website issues easily as well as prevents from further damages. We prioritize security monitoring. We are tied up with Sucuri in order to ensure client’s website security. With Sucuri we offer the best protection against the threat of security breaching.


Plugin maintenance

Many websites use a significant number of plugins that help the site to skip the manual hectic of many operations. Although we consider that using many plugins can crunch the website performance, it is also found that the appropriate use of certain plugins can boost the website performance. Our experts guide and control the addition of plugins in WordPress website as well as controlling their regular maintenance.

Maintenance Mode

This is a very small step yet important in terms of the user experience. We never forget to put a “maintenance notice” on the home page or the particular page where maintenance is processing. It helps the website viewers not to experience any unwanted situation (rather harassment!). Apart from that, we also use “503 redirect”, which leads the viewers to a static page. It informs them about the ongoing maintenance process.


Keeping Informed

We are always in the social loop. As soon as any buzz pop up regarding updates, security, and plugins, it reaches to our ears first. Our experts address the news within 24 hours and make necessary changes in the website.

Centralized Management

Centralized management is crucial in WordPress especially when you have more than one websites. Our experts are specialized in controlling centralized WordPress management. We are here to manage all of your websites at the same time while updating you about every single change done by us.

Quick but Quality work

The aim of our team is to deliver work within scheduled time. Our strength is our team and its uniqueness. Our experts are skilled performers who execute each of the projects with their best effort. You will have power to design your unique website page with the help of our expert team.

24/7 Customer Service

24/7 WP Web Help works with extra security and firewall for an additional layer of protection from hackers and security breaches. We help maintain updated theme and plugins and schedule backups.